Peer Instructor Applications and Executive Board Applications are live. Check the calendar section of the website to see when the applications close. For an in-depth look at the Executive Board Application + Elections Process, see this manual.

General Users

Just interested in using the Makerspace or getting help on a project? Come right in! There are no membership fees, and any Georgia Tech student can use the facility during open hours.

Peer Instructors (PIs)

Peer Instructors are student volunteers that staff the Makerspace and provide guidance to General Users. PIs are typically responsible for one or two stations within the facility, and are expected to work one 2-hour shift a week, at a minimum. Benefits of becoming a PI include 24-hour access to the Makerspace and free training on electronics topics! The application for Peer Instructor is not open yet. Once certification is complete, the application will be open and announced. Students who are applying to become PIs are not expected to have used the equipment or have knowledge of their PI topic beforehand, although prior experience is a plus.

Master Peer Instructors (MPIs)

Master Peer Instructors are students who have been a PI for at least one academic year, and are responsible for managing an entire floor in the Makerspace. They oversee the Peer Instructors and are able to provide more specialized guidance. Additionally, they are responsible for managing the PI schedules and keeping track of no-shows and shift changes.

Executive Board Officers


The President serves as the Organization’s representative at conferences or meetings with faculty. The President is expected to oversee the affairs of The Hive, and to maintain the Makerspace and Organization. The President also is responsible for completing various documents that keep the Organization in good standing with Georgia Tech.

  • Holding meetings with the executive board
  • Attending monthly meetings with faculty and other organizations’ presidents
  • Completing necessary documents and forms to keep the organization chartered
  • Maintaining administrative documents
  • Evaluating qualified members to participate in officer roles

Vice President

The Vice President is expected to assist the President in serving his or her role and work closely with the other executive board members to attend to the needs of the organization from a managerial position.

  • Assisting the President of the organization
  • Filling in for the President whenever she or he is not available
  • Supporting the other Executive Board members as necessary
  • Attending organization meetings to record meeting minutes


The treasurer maintains the budget and handles finances, largely for events and purchasing equipment.

  • Maintaining records of all revenue and expenditures and ensure that generally accepted accounting practices and monetary controls are in place
  • Maintaining financial accounts and ensuring that all records are current and as accurate as possible
  • Overseeing all fundraising efforts
  • Arranging for an orderly transfer of all financial records to the incoming Treasurer

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations handles PI hours/shifts as well as equipment maintenance and ordering.

  • Keeping track of all hours/shifts for PIs and if those hours/shifts are fulfilled
  • Ordering new equipment
  • Maintaining all equipment in the Makerspace

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications is the head of marketing, advertising, and student engagement for The Hive.

  • Sending out newsletters to club members via Mailchimp
  • Promoting The Hive through social media and ECE email lists
  • Maintaining The Hive’s Facebook page
  • Posting events and workshops to Facebook
  • Replying to emails for The Hive
  • Advertising events using the ECE Weekly Digest and the news_ugrads list


The Webmaster maintains the organization website and keeps it up to date.

  • Keeping the information on the website current
  • Making sure the website is functioning properly
  • Connecting with OIT and the organization advisor as needed to keep the website functional