About Us


The idea for the ECE Makerspace was concieved in Fall 2016. The following semester, Spring 2017, the Makerspace became and official chartered organization. For now, it runs out of Van Leer's Senior Design Lab, room E363. The full fledged Makerspace in the Van Leer Fishbowl will open in Spring 2018.


The Hive was created with two main objectives in mind:

  1. To create a group of student volunteers that will support a space in Van Leer where students of all backgrounds can find help for electronics projects such as embedded systems projects, soldering projects, and so forth.

  2. To work closely with the ECE department to provide electrical and technical support in the ECE makerspace for students of all disciplines, so that the barrier of entry for students interested in building their own hardware and electronic devices is lowered.

Want to join?

Using the equipment and services provided by The Hive is free - students, no matter what their major is, can walk in at any time during the The Hive's open hours and get access to materials and mentors!

Students who are interested in becoming a Peer Instructor (PI), must complete the certification process outlined in the PI training page.

Additionally, there are six officer roles available for those interested in pursuing more of a leadership role within the club.