About Us

What is the Hive?

The Hive is the multidisciplinary student organization that runs Georgia Tech’s newest makerspace, located in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering's Van Leer Building.

We work to cultivate a multidisciplinary culture of student makers and designers who are passionate about learning new skills, helping other students, and above all – making stuff, by providing an easily accessible engineering space. The Hive makerspace is fully staffed and run by trained student instructors

We are open to all Georgia Tech students, all majors and all year levels! No technical knowledge required. Just walk right into the Van Leer Fishbowl (opening very soon) and use a machine, or ask a PI if you need help. We also host a number of socials, info sessions, and company sponsored events, all free for GT students.

Our Story

Originally the brainchild of Dr. Bonnie Ferri, former Associate Chair in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The Hive was finally founded in 2016 as an interdisciplinary engineering organization aimed at fostering the growth of the “maker culture” among Georgia Tech students. We became chartered as a full and official student organization at Georgia Tech in early 2017.

When it was founded, The Hive was created with two main objectives in mind:

    1. To create a group of student volunteers that will support a space where students of all backgrounds can find help for electronics projects.
    2. To work closely with the ECE department to provide electrical and technical support for students of all disciplines, so that the barrier of entry for students interested in building their own hardware and electronic devices lowers.

Though we were born from the ECE department, we are not limited to only ECE students. Our goal is to provide a space where any Georgia Tech student - regardless of technical knowledge, skill, or background - can walk in, feel welcome, and make their imagination reality.


The Hive is a staunch advocate of the "maker culture", facilitating growth and inventive ideas, and providing the tools that our students need to achieve their dreams of creating the next big thing. We are passionate about sharing knowledge, helping others, and leading technological advancement in the era of rapid prototyping. We are innovators, cultivators, and achievers.

Core Values

Our values lie around helping students gain hands on skills and technical knowledge by providing a comfortable, low-pressure learning environment in which any student has room to grow and explore. We believe that every student has the right and ability to create anything they want to create. We believe that diversity - in all forms - makes us stronger. We believe in students helping students to foster collaboration, promote new ideas, and learn technical skills that may not be taught in class.

How do I join?

Using the equipment and services provided by The Hive is free - students, no matter what their major is, can walk in at any time during the The Hive's open hours and get access to materials and mentors!

Students who are interested in becoming a Peer Instructor (PI), must complete the certification process outlined in the PI Training page.

Additionally, there are seven officer roles available for those interested in pursuing more of a leadership role within the club. Executive Board Applications for the 2018-19 academic year are now open! The link can be found here.